Real Estate Forms

Real Estate Forms

Sites that claim to have free real estate forms are a dime a dozen, but when you dig a bit, you’ll find that they don’t offer many free forms. They may offer one or two, but you’ll have to pay for the ones you really need.

Below you’ll find the 10 BEST sites for truly FREE real estate forms online:

  1. This site has a variety of free products. Along with real estate forms, you can also find clip-art, form letters, reports, wholesale sources and many other free information products.

  2. This site has a section of free forms available. It also has links to state-specific real estate forms for sale, as well as links to many other informative sites.

  3. This site for the Internet Legal Research Group is committed to having the highest quality free legal forms on the Internet. Free legal forms are only a small part of the documents offered. They also offer a $50 bounty to any person who can show that their forms aren’t compliant with state law. If you need a form that they don’t currently offer, there is a link to request the form from the Webmaster.

  4. This site offers a small sampling of free real estate forms, with many more forms available for purchase. It also offers sixteen free e-books simply for signing up for their newsletter.

  5. This site, Creative Real Estate Online, offers not only free forms, but free real estate investing articles, as well. You can find them at.

  6. This site bills itself as “Your #1 Income Property Resource.” In addition to featuring income producing properties, a large foreclosure database and other relevant articles, the site provides you with a detailed list of many different real estate forms.

  7. This site features forms specific to Florida and general rental and mortgage letters and forms. They site claims to have over eight hundred pages of free real estate and mortgage information.

  8. This site offers not only a handful of state-specific free forms and a few non-specific forms, but also serves as an information portal for “for sale by owner” properties. It offers a free listing service if you are selling your own home and allows you to browse homes “for sale by owner” if you are interested in purchasing.

  9. This site calls itself “an online document system for landlords,” and offers not just free forms, but also brochures such as the EPA lead paint disclosure.

  10. is the home of well-known real estate investor and author of many real estate programs including Real Profit$ in Real Estate® and No Down Payment®. His website features free courses, interactive forums, and pertinent new and tools for the real estate investor, as well as free forms.

Free real estate forms are a valuable asset, and, with this list, are now easy to find online.