FREE Wholesaling Mentor Program

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FREE Wholesaling Mentoring Program

Designed To Get You Up and Running In A Hurry!


Hello, Here’s a GREAT deal for you!

If you are struggling with your wholesaling business, or trying to figure out how to get your first deal done there’s no better way to get the job done than by being mentored by a seasoned pro.

If you’ve been searching for a mentor and all you’re finding are high priced mentors asking for $5,000, $10,000 or more in up front money I can offer you a better way with my Wholesaling Mentoring Program.

How would you like to have a mentor by your side to walk you through deals from beginning to end for FREE?

I offer you:

One-On-One Mentoring.

I will walk you through the deals personally from start to finish

Complete manuals:

You’ll get my lease option manual which covers how to wholesale real estate and is a companion to the video program.



Complete video training (I sell this course to those not a part of my program.)

So how can I revolutionize real estate mentoring and provide quality coaching for FREE!

I put this program together knowing that things are tough out there and huge Mentor Fees prevent a lot of good people from being able to get ahead and change their lives. However, of course my time is valuable.  So in exchange for all this valuable training, we will split at least 3 deals 50/50. Then any other deals I walk you through, we will split 60/40 your way.  Now how good is that!!! Don’t wait, sign up today.


Listen to the video above to learn more to learn more.

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