Hello and Welcome to Real Estate Investing Master Tips with me, Derek A. Smith.  I have been in the real estate game for a number of years now.  I am primarily a buy and hold guy, with 22 properties in the Alabama area. Although I live in Maryland, I have family in Alabama and the properties are much cheaper than in my area.

In Real Estate I primarily operate in three areas, wholesaling, lease options, and buy and hold of course.  I am no Guru, I am just a regular guy doing regular deals on a part time basis to build a retirement real estate protfolio. My goal is to share my knowledge of the real estate game with you to help you reach your investing dreams no matter where they lie.  Won’t you join me.

If you want to learn persuasion, negotiation, and influence techniques to help with your real estate game, please visit my other site, Masterful Persuasion Tips.